LIFE Terra

Planting 500 million trees by 2025 in Europe and 10 billion globally by 2030

Who are we?

An environmentally driven set of companies and institutions
with the main goal of planting one tree per European citizen in 5 years

Project developed and led by:

Provider of ecosystems and land management
in the environmental sector of Spain and around Europe

Develop and implement new technologies to
sustainably restore those parts of the world
where nature cannot come back unaided.

What does the project involve?

Contact us

Stichting LIFE Terra
Keizergracht 391 A
1016 EJ Amsterdam – Netherlands

+31 20 26 20 240

Calle Balmes 76, 1-2
08007 Barcelona – España

+34 93 27 24 790

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LIFE Terra has a whole team of volunteers participating in tree planting activities. With your donations we can organise more events and plant more trees!

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