About us

Stichting LIFE Terra
Keizersgracht 391 A
1016 EJ Amsterdam – Netherlands
Tel: +31.20 2620240

Constituted: 09/08/2019
KvK (Chamber of Commerce) nr: 75554720
VAT nr: NL 860322129 B01
SBI-Code: 94993

The prime objective of Foundation LIFE Terra is: To restore value back to our planet’s land and human being’s connection with it by facilitating large scale tree planting events for all citizens and empowering future generations with the knowledge and tools to take immediate action for climate change mitigation.

Members of the board:
– Mr. Jeroen Haas (Chairman)
– Mr. Jurriaan Ruys (Treasurer)
– Mr. Sven Kallen (Secretary)

Board members do not receive any financial compensation for their work.

ANBI-status currently requested.

Roll-out: upon approval of the LIFE grant the ICT platform will be developed. In the mean time the many requests for small and large scale reforestation projects will be serviced by our volunteers and professional “tree planters”. As of December 2020 we expect to have our donation page up & running. Social media presence is growing and will be used to alert citizens to the opportunity to join our events (for now in The Netherlands and Spain only) and recruit volunteers. For more information we invite all interested stakeholders to contact us here.

Current status of activities: please see our News section and our Instagram page