Volterra & Land Life Company: 500 million trees planting initiative to fight climate change

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Volterra and Land Life Company engage in ecosystem restoration projects and have recently reached the milestone of 250.000 trees planted mainly in Castilla y León region in Spain. We are now preparing another 500.000 this winter and for 2020 we have requests to plant 1 million new trees. These are great numbers and we are proud of the growth in demand for carbon offset projects.

However, we also know that the Climate Crisis is developing much faster than anyone could have predicted. We suffer the increasing heatwaves and storms and read about the ever faster melting poles. This will require very urgent action on a massive scale. Several studies point at Nature Based Solutions as the fastest and cheapest way to mitigate the carbon levels in the atmosphere to manageable levels. Our vision is that planting trees now at a massive scale could help reach this goal and remain within the 1-1.5 degree C warming band.

Photo: Sven Kallen planting an olive with his son Manu in El Bruc (Barcelona)

Studies like those from Crowther Lab point at the staggering amount of 1 trillion trees needed to fix the climate problem. But whatever scale we can reach in our companies it would still be difficult to create a serious impact. At the same time we receive regular requests from friends, family and people that find us on the web and want to join us in planting trees. At Volterra we have years of organising such events and participants become very enthusiastic about planting together and go home satisfied to have contributed to greening our world.

In line with those experiences and increasing demand for “climate action” the idea was born to offer plantings in a more structured way that can be scaled easily. As a result, Volterra of Spain, led by Sven Kallen, and Land Life Company of the Netherlands, led by Jurriaan Ruys, are now preparing a new and revolutionary Life project called LIFE Terra. It will be Europe’s single biggest citizen-driven initiative to mitigate climate change in which we aim to plant 500 million trees: 1 by & for each European. We have a solid consortium of partners, a highly innovative monitoring technology for each and every tree, strong media support and many other ideas to make this happen. Kids and adults will learn about sustainability and get a chance to plant their own trees which will help sequestering carbon and appreciate our natural environment. We invite all interested parties to contact us and join us in this enormous challenge. Only together can we create true and lasting impact!

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