Foundation details

Life Terra Foundation has been granted the status of Public Benefit Organization (Dutch acronym: ANBI) by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. The Dutch abbreviation means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen. Because Life Terra has the ANBI-status, donations to Life Terra may be partially or fully deducted from taxable income. 

Stichting Life Terra
Keizersgracht 391 A
1016 EJ Amsterdam – Netherlands
Tel: +31.20 2620240

Constituted: 09/08/2019
KvK (Chamber of Commerce) nr: 75554720
SBI-Code: 94993

Members of the board:

  • Mr. Jurriaan Ruys (Chairman)
  • Mr. Sven Kallen (Secretary)
  • Mr. Tomas Simons (Treasurer, per January 2021)
  • Ms. Bertien van Baak (Member, per January 2021)

The prime objective of the Life Terra Foundation is to restore degraded land and our connection to it by facilitating large scale tree planting events for all citizens and empowering future generations with the knowledge and tools to take immediate action for climate change mitigation.

Note: Board members do not receive any financial compensation for their work.