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The Life Terra course: Terra Mission

An opportunity for teachers across Europe & around the world!

Education is our most valuable investment. Life Terra has developed an interactive environmental education programme for students ages 8-14 based on STEM and the best available science.

Pupils will…

  • learn about sustainability
  • explore their creativity to find climate solutions
  • know how to take climate action
  • share their knowledge
  • and much more!

What does the Terra Mission course offer?

Life Terra has developed different strategies to raise environmental awareness among all ages, with a focus on children and youth. We empower citizens to become part of the climate solution and future stewards of our planet.

Terra Mission is an educational Life Terra sustainability course developed by Gynzy, one of our project beneficiaries, for primary schools. The course consists of 8 themes, an introduction lesson and a closure lesson. The course can be taken partially, as all themes are independent but interlinked. Using inspiring sources and examples, our course challenges teachers to enter into an exchange with their students.

The course is available in English and Dutch in the coming months.


  1. Climate change
  2. Energy transition
  3. Waste
  4. Circular economy
  5. Water
  6. Agriculture
  7. Air
  8. Trees

What does Terra Mission include?

In order to facilitate the delivery of the course, Terra mission includes:

  • Gynzy’s platform: the course is delivered through interactive digital whiteboard (IWB) lessons with information that can be customised
  • Problem-solving approach of each theme
  • Teacher guides with answer key
  • Worksheets
  • Suggested outdoor activities
  • Extra exercises, films and games
  • All our contents are revised by experts from the University of Barcelona

How to participate?

If you are interested in taking our course, please get in touch with us at

This course was developed with the collaboration of:

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